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Zdravei - App & Web Design

App & Web Design: It is the first innovative social network developing for the past three years. The name of the network was considered with the client after doing specific research among potential customers. The aim of communication is to target the first social networking users in Bulgaria. One of the significant advantages is the totem of this network. It has a special integrated module that allows people to connect with each other based on their human design. EYAS has created and developed not only the unique brand identity but created functional UI and UX designs. In addition, the PTI is completely flat which makes the style of the application two dimensional into the three dimensional one. Also, the app provides accurate illustrations about every human body type. The testing period was related to closed groups of people in order to improve and affirm the working process and to optimize the app to the people's daily routine. Try the network and meet new interesting people with whom you can talk and exchange various ideas.