WeiDex Presentation

Imamchovek.bg is a new Bulgarian platform whose design is entirely developed by our team. We transformed the idea into a proper User Experience with custom-built UI elements. The aim of Imamchovek.bg is to give freelancers of all occupations a world of possibilities. They will be able to offer and share their services through the website. But above all customer feedback will rule. These features represent the key values of the team behind Imamchovek.bg – carrier development and trust. Whether you are looking for a person, or you are the person –Imamchovek.bg is going to be your place!

The logo we designed for Imamchovek.bg is inspired by Street art. We used a personalized graffiti font without rules, which embodies the idea for freedom of choice. The letter “M” is creatively stylized as two people making a deal.

All three main colours used for the design of Imamchovek.bg are symbolic. Yellow represents the platform’s idea of communication between people. Blue stands for trust and honesty, whereas orange equals carrier growth and business success.

Communication visions