Bе digitally prepared for a second lockdown

Brand new product release during a pandemic of COVID - 19 (Case study)

The first brand for packaged nuts in Bulgaria added a new healthy snack trend to their product portfolio. The products - Einkorn Chips and Corn Chips - concurred with time when the pandemic of Covid-19 occurred. EYAS was responsible enough to take the most accurate decisions and adapt them to the marketing strategy meanwhile this tough situation. Grivas’ main aim was to create organic products made of 100% Bulgarian ingredients.

As a creative studio, we precisely followed several steps including research, marketing analysis, defining suitable design moodboards and developing a convenient marketing strategy. We were responsible for the products released to the market with one main goal – to introduce innovative Bulgarian healthy snacks to the customers and give the chance to love them.


First, we made marketing analysis in order to define our target group. The results showed that our target audience mainly includes women aged 25-34. These are women, most of them mothers, who are responsible for choosing and buying healthy-oriented and organic products in view of taking care of the family members and their well-being. Our design team came with an idea for transparent packaging due to the fact that we had nothing to hide. The products came in a barrier package which preserves the content from temperature, moisture and direct sunlight. Also, due to the transparency, customers can seize the opportunity to see the snack itself.

Once we had defined our target audience and created a proper package, we started with a marketing strategy including important general points. We met one of the best chefs in Bulgaria for outlining the benefits of this chips and its participation in our target audience’ daily meals. The suggested recipes were non time-consuming according to the process of their making. We created eight tailor-made recipes closely related to the Einkorn and Corn Chips. They vary from a healthy veggie salad and crispy salmon bites, to the most popular starter – guacamole and the delicious dip cheese.


Furthermore, we launched a teaser campaign with the leading question: “From what is the new Grivas chips made of?”. The winner`s rewards were free boxes including 15 chips packages. During this campaign Grivas was disposed not only to the nuts section as a nut brand but also to the snack one. In parallel to this action, we chose the most appropriate micro & macro influencers focused on a healthy lifestyle to try the innovative product and give us their feedback. Grivas changed the recipe three times during that process in order to enrich, improve the product qualities and become suitable for their personal taste preferences. Moreover, the Einkorn and Corn chips are supplements for various meals and healthy-related diets. In view of making this mutual partnership we created a new “unboxing chips” trend because people were excited that they found and bought the product. Thank you influencer! Thank you customer!


What's more, the products themselves brought a serious extent of interest among people. They were positively surprised by the product`s taste and qualities. During the first promotion in every single Lidl hypermarket in Bulgaria all the people who have already tried the chips were impressed by its taste. They exchanged experience with other people telling them where to find the products because of the fast out of stocking. The chips hype was so huge that most of the people became brand ambassadors instead of being customers.


Granted, such a tough situation required adequate measures. Our team started an online shop which was only for people`s convenience while social distancing. Grivas is the first healthy snack brand in Bulgaria that changed the focus of their selling strategy from conventional to online one. The free delivery was not planned, however, we decided to propel an action in order to offer safety to our customers. Once the customer has ordered the chips it is freshly made, packaged and sent to their door straight out of the factory. This outlines the attention paid for our customers.

It was a huge challenge to start and finish such a marketing campaign during a pandemic. The outcome was positive and quite beneficial.

Besides all difficulties - We made it!

Special thanks to Grivas for giving us the chance to work together once again. Mutual trust was the main reason why we succeeded in this journey!