Дигитална ваксина за бизнеса
Как да включим Instagram Reels в дигиталните ни кампании?

How to integrate Instagram Reels in our digital campaigns?

The new Instagram tool is worth your attention.

Instagram Reels is the tool that’s been introduced on the Instagram platform most recently. It gives users the opportunity to create short-term videos with text and music. Usually the videos are rather entertaining, or educational. The feature was officially launched last summer and has been growing in popularity ever since.


1. Is Instagram Reels the new TikTok?

Instagram Reels resembles the most popular platform of 2020 – TikTok. The latter went viral during quarantine and was downloaded more than 1.5B times worldwide! The content on TikTok is entirely video-based with video length ranging from 15 – 60 seconds. A high number of people became recognizable, thanks to their presence on the platform. They received millions of followers and likes on their videos. What’s more, the newly-raised stars started earning a reasonable amount of money. However, not only individuals but also businesses took advantage of the newest social media trend. Companies, whose audience went crazy for TikTok, started creating content for the platform as well. This way they were able to stay relevant and to be seen as “cool” and customer-oriented.

Even though it’s demonized as a “copycat”, Instagram Reels is a fairly new tool, which is yet to be developed. It’s still a great way to diversify your content across platforms. Using TikTok shouldn’t exclude using Instagram Reels, and the opposite. Try both and see what works best for you and your business!

2. How to use Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s goal is to boost Reels for the long-term. For this reason they even added a Home Page button. Reels are also shown on the Explore page, which makes them more visible and accessible.

When using Instagram Reels, it’s important to know that (most likely) people won’t read your caption. Therefore you should implement the essential information into the Reel, either by text or speech. The first moments of your 15 or 30 seconds long video are crucial. They are going to determine whether a user is going to watch it or not. This type of content depends entirely on the visual part. The more attractive your Reel is, the better.

Instagram Reels is a fun and effective tool for raising both your current and potential customers’ awareness. This is how:

1) Showcase your product(s) or service(s)

With Reels you can tell stories. Whether you sell products or offer services, you can make videos, highlighting your strengths. Show users what makes you different and why they should choose you. What’s more, you can show testimonials and reviews from customers on Reels or build anticipation for a new launch.

2) Show the behind the scenes

The success of a brand hides behind its relationship with its customers. By listening to them and acting as a friend, you gain their trust and loyalty. Showing the behind the scenes is a part of melting the ice. Here are some interesting things you could share with your customers:

-> The manufacturing process;

-> How a day at the office looks like;;

-> The delivery of your product or service;

-> A photoshoot moment.

3) Make educational content

You shouldn’t leave your potential customers out of sight. They are just as important as your current ones. You can attract future clients’ attention by providing educational content. The latter may include tips on how your product should be used or different ways to do it. By giving people the exact information they may be looking for, you are helping them to make a decision (in your favour). You can do this by creating a FAQs Reel, a “How-to” or simply giving recommendations.

4) Have fun

Making fun Instagram Reels content makes your audience feel a connection with you. Laughter brings people together. Even if you are trying to be more serious and professional, it’s totally fine to make funny things once in a while. Of course, you’ll set your own border (which will depend on your target audience) and won’t cross it over. The awkward moments you experience don’t happen to you only, guaranteed! By sharing some, people will relate to them and you’ll build a stronger relationship.


3. Is Reels useful for your business?

Using different platforms deliver content definitely has advantages. You are able to reach most of your target customers and build bigger awareness of your brand. Instagram Reels is the new tool you should try. It’s really easy to create with it and a lot of fun, too! Furthermore, Instagram is trying to popularize its new feature as much as possible. This means that posts in form of Reels are being preferred by the algorithm and therefore, boosted. If your content contains useful information or just looks super cool, it’ll probably hit a few thousand views and likes.


Remember that Instagram Reels is still considered “new”, which means it’ll develop further just yet. So, get creating and take as much as you can from what’s available now!