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А few tips from a digital agency

2020 is a real stress test for every business. At the beginning of the year, the investments in advertising increased. Quickly after, the advertisers’ revenues decreased. The pandemic spread across the world and businesses had to improvise with crisis marketing. In a matter of weeks, hosting an online shop or selling “take-away only” became a necessity for the small to medium-sized businesses. The events of the second quarter of 2020 were unexpected. The problem was the lack of preparation. Is it possible to prepare for a pandemic? In the midst of the crisis, many businesses, digital and PR agencies reacted inadequately and took hasty decisions.

Facing up a “second wave” of the pandemic now, the setup could be a bit different. Now is the time to analyse what had happened, to plan ahead and work towards a more sustainable digital strategy.

With the start of the new school year and the approaching closure of the financial year, we are putting forward a short pre-action plan for all late planners, which will help you prepare your business for an eventual second lockdown.


1. Be Digital

If you run a small or a medium-sized business and do not rely on traditional advertising, you’d better focus on creative digital marketing solutions. The process of attracting target audience online will make the difference between a growing and a regressive business. The tons of daily traffic on your website matter only if those visits bring you new leads or sales. In the digital business arena, digital marketing instruments and techniques give the best chances for professional survival and even growth. Last, but not least, we kindly recommend that every B2C business creates an adequate Google Business review account. It is of huge importance that your business is present on the map and your customers have the possibility to review your services.

2. Digital Content 2020

It is not enough anymore to just have social media accounts. It is key to maintain them and post up-to-date content, including high-quality photos with a clear purpose, thoughtfully written descriptions and carefully selected hashtags. We advise the assertive restaurant managers against publishing the lunch menu on a daily basis, especially if this is done in the same way and the menu doesn’t change.

The description of your business should be snappy– mention its most essential characteristics with a few key words.

We strongly believe that the grid is noticed first, but the caption is what sticks in people’s minds. The overall look of your Instagram profile should not be neglected, either. After your profile picture and the description, the grid is what catches the eye next.

For those of you, who already have experience with Instagram, but decided to turn a back on it because it yielded no results, remember that appetite comes with eating. Be consistent, the followers and the outcomes will follow.


3. B2B Masters

LinkedIn, also known as the place for “professional gossip”, is a must-have social network. LinkedIn has been overlooked by Bulgarian businesses, but it is a very good tool for finding partners. Now is the best time to find out who of your partners you can trust and rely the most on.

Again, we emphasize the importance of having a detailed description of your business, beautifully stylized profile and cover pictures, as well as maintaining regular cross-postings and engagement with other accounts. If your new business page does not get any new followers, consider inviting your closest partners first!

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business quickly. It will support the online presence of your brand and increase the awareness among your target audience.

According to Forbes, influencer marketing is developing faster than digital ads. What is important is the ability to attract followers of the master businesses in a certain branch, so that they boost up the growth of your own business. The advantage of this kind of marketing is that the target audience is already present. The only task you have is to pick an influencer with an audience matching yours. This way you will ensure that your product/s or service/s are offered to the right customers.


5. Online shopping

Online shopping is increasingly preferred by consumers – not only because it is safe, but because it is convenient. It is becoming trendy to even shop for food online – something new and unknown, but necessary. We no longer pick our tomatoes, zucchini and leek, but they get delivered right to our home. This is 2020!

If you don’t have an online shop yet, are not convinced in the value of having one and don’t want to invest in it, we recommend an intermediate solution. You can create an online shop for your business with the help of SUPERHOSTING. If you do not have this possibility, turn to Facebook and Instagram. Yes, it is absolutely free to create an online shop there, to showcase your product range and describe it. Ready, set, done – you are now online. Every visitor will be able to go freely through your profile and make a purchase.


Whereas social activities and recommendations help you gain trust from your target audience, digital advertising uses effective strategies to canalize traffic or increase your product or brand’s recognizability. Transforming users into customers or sales is still achievable through good flair and strategy. To make the most out of it banners, shapes, special buttons and texts could be further optimized to match colour schemes, graphics and even the positioning of pages or websites. Always remember that it is of paramount importance to relay a message with a personal character and emotional touch for you to get the desired effect.

Are you ready to skyrocket your business into the digital space?