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A digital vaccine for the business

The most beneficial ways to vaccinate your business during the pandemic.

2020 might be over but the pandemic certainly is not. The current vaccination, taking place globally, is hoped to take us back to normal. However, not only people need protection against the virus – businesses do too. In this article we are going to give you the opportunity to vaccinate your business in the most beneficial way. (Disclaimer: Make sure you do not faint at the sight of social media as a business tool). Our vaccine consists of digital… a whole lot of it.


1. Social Media Presence

People learn about new brands or products over the internet. Therefore the existence of social media profiles is of crucial importance to a 21st century business. Your chance of attracting new customers, as well as of being more recognizable, will increase enormously. Oberlo reports that in 2019 GlobalWebIndex found that 43% of consumers research products online through social media networks. According to DataReportal, 4.14 billion people around the world are using social media in October 2020 (53% of the total global population). What’s more, the number increased by 450 million in the past 12 months (an average of 14 new users every second). This trend is expected to be continually observed. So, if your business is not on social media yet… Well, it should be..

Many small businesses avoid social media presence because it seems too time-consuming. However, with the right tools you can make it simple. Facebook’s Creator Studio, Buffer and such let you schedule your posts in advance, so that everything’s prepared and saves you time. This way you’ll also ensure that you are posting at the right time, which is when most of your customers are online.

Customers are constantly attacked by ads and other visual materials. For this reason you should aim to create eye-catching designs, which can’t be overlooked. Don’t use too much stock photos. Instead, focus on your brand’s identity and create visuals your customers are going to engage with. What’s more you can share their own photos with your product (user-generated content) or at your business’ location. Always make sure you have their permission in this case!

Another great way to make yourself recognizable on social media is by engaging with your audience. Actively answer to their questions, suggestions and overall feedback. Your social media accounts should turn your customers into a community. The latter can’t survive without interaction. Therefore you should constantly communicate with each other.

2. Digital Content

Social media presence and digital content are two most passionate for each other lovers. The one can’t do without the other.

Your digital content should be in compliance with a) the social media channel and b) with your target audience. Digital marketing experts have already given their suggestions about the trends in digital content in 2021:

- Brands should be authentic and open about their values;

- Health and wellness are going to be leading topics for quite some time;

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will continue to play an important part in digital content and help you improve your Google indexing;

- Videos (both in a shorter and in a longer form) are going to be superior to photos;

- Online shopping will further evolve.

Moreover, you can make a campaign, contributing to a socially responsible cause. By making it engaging, you and your customers are trying to make a change together. This improves your relationship and exceeds their loyalty towards your brand.


3. Analyse your results

Creating and uploading content is the first step of growing your social media channels. The second is the analysis of your performance. Tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics will give you all the important insights. By going through the numbers and analysing them, you will be able to make a SWOT analysis. This way you will find all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business. Afterwards you will have full awareness of what you do well, what lacks you and how to turn everything in your favour.

4. Google Business

The more visibility your business has, the better. You can reach it with a Google Business account. The latter is a necessity since it shows your page when it relates to a customer’s search. Upload your business’ description, address and other contact forms, as well as pictures and offers. Google Business lets your clients leave a review about your products/services. The platform also provides insights on how the customers use your profile, i.e. the number of generated clicks, calls, reservations, etc.


5. E-mail Marketing

Using e-mail marketing is a great way to convert prospects into customers and one-time buyers into loyal supporters. You can easily grow your e-mail list with the usage of a lead magnet. This means exchanging some kind of content (an e-book, a coupon, digital files, etc.) for an e-mail address. However, the number of your e-mail list won’t mean a thing if your e-mail marketing campaigns do not generate the desired results. In order to make them effective, ensure that your e-mails are:

- Easy to understand, straightforward;

- With a clear call to action (CTA);

- Providing useful information;

- Relevant to your customers.


Every digital tool is a logical consequence of the others. They match each other, creating a perfect sphere which represents your business. Its core is filled with creativity and consistency. The constant effort you put into improving your digital presence is what will make you truly successful.

Our digital vaccine was tested back in March 2020, at the pandemic’s apogee, with a brand new product release. We have conducted a case study, showcasing a successful digitalization of a brand. Read more here: